Instant withdrawals? Seems too good to be true

This is what sets us apart from other casinos. We have spent a lot of resources developing our streamlined payments service that allows users to deposit and withdraw instantly. It is one of our 3 promises we want to be held accountable to. If you have the credits, you can withdraw your money whenever you want.

Are you going to stay NO-KYC?

Yes! It is another one of our promises. We will never ask for any details.

Can I withdraw with other Altcoins?

No. We only use bitcoin on the lightning network.

How do I use lightning?

We recommend installing WalletOfSatoshi or Phoenix wallets. They are very easy to use and you can start depositing/withdrawing straight away. All you have to do is just scan the QR code with your phone in the app. Its easier than you think.

Where do I go if I have any complaints or need support?

Please join our discord for any feedback or problems you encounter. Also join for special offers, only to discord members!